Assorted 2 inch Potted Rosettes

Assorted 2 inch Potted Rosettes

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 Assorted succulent, potted rosettes 

echeverias, graptopelalum , sedums, graptoverias , sempervivum

These succulents are rooted and ready to be planted. They are beautifully colored pink, green, yellow, blue, and red-colored. They grow in close clusters and can be used as ground cover. Your order may vary from the exact plants in this picture but we will do our best to include the best quality, healthy plants.

An Important Note: Succulents need light to survive so be sure to take them out of the box as soon as they arrive so they can prosper! Make sure you will be around the day they get to you or delay your shipping.

Shipped in their 2-inch nursery pots

The variety changes daily due to demand, season, availability, and quantity.

Expect 1-2 duplicates on 8 - 16 plant packs.  3-5 duplicates on 20 - 32 plant packs.  5-8 duplicates on 48-72 pack

2-inch rosettes are rooted in-pot but the actual plant will vary in size, from just under ~1.5 to 2 inches max wide.

The color will vary based on care, sunlight, and season


  • Get creative with these beautiful rosettes. try using them as;

  • arrangements

  • weddings favors

  • gardens

  • planters

  • baby shower favors

  • Crafts

  • bridal showers

  • wreaths